MootEngine was a custom multithreaded C++ game engine that I made in collaboration with Santiago Moreno in our final HND year at ESAT for the engine programming subject.


Main features:

  • Multiplatform: Windows, Linux, RaspberryPi.
  • Graphics agnostic API.
  • Supported rendering backends: OpenGL 3.2+, OpenGLES 2.
  • Multithreading.
  • Component Orientated Engine.
  • PBR rendering:
    • Metallic-Roughness workflow
    • IBL (Image based lighting) for indirect lighting and irradiance
  • Postprocess:
    • HDR
    • Bloom
    • Shadow Mapping
  • Custom networking library wrapping Winsock.
  • Audio agnostic API supporting OpenAL and FMOD. Supported voice and audio streaming.
  • GLTF scene loader
  • Scripting support with Lua.
  • UI integration with ImGui


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